5 reasons you need an instax mini 11 this Ramadan!

Don’t just take, give. Fujifilm believes photos are meant to be shared, not just stored. Instax makes it easy to do exactly that –in a way that’s always quick, fun, creative and stylish.

During any time of year, preserving brilliant memories is something we’re all striving to do, from capturing the moment your toes first hit the sand on holiday to landmark birthdays celebrated with your close friends.

And perhaps never more so than throughout Ramadan and Eid, there are all kinds of special gatherings and moments that deserve to be captured forever.
Fujifilm’s instax mini 11 brings heart to the art of photographing those precious Ramadan scenes – and makes a brilliant Eid gift. Here’s why.

1. Memories saved instantly

Pose, click, print. It’s really that simple to preserve your Ramadan moments for a lifetime. Stick them on your fridge or in a frame, keep them in your wallet or pass them around the iftar table to the people you love. Somewhere along the line, we forgot the joy of being surrounded by real life snaps of the special people in our lives. instax mini 11 will help you find it again, as you celebrate a special Ramadan together.

2. No lighting? No problem

Let’s get down to tech. While you might need a ring light attached to your phone, or perfect lighting conditions in the room, instax mini 11 needs no such assistance, which is particularly helpful if you happen to be surrounded by beautiful Ramadan lanterns. Whatever the lighting, the mini 11 captures both bright backgrounds and bright subjects, even in a dark setting – perfect if you’re snapping against, say, the Burj Khalifa after dark from a beautiful Downtown suhoor setting.

3. There’s a selfie mode

Just pull out the lens until you can see the “Selfie On” mark – and you’re ready to snap. A nifty mirror on the front of the lens allows you to check your framing (and make sure you’re not cutting half your bestie’s face off, or that evocative Ramadan scene in the background).

4. As unique as you are

No two pictures will ever look the same – every single snap you take will be as unique as you are, and the Ramadan moment you’ve shared with your loved ones. And the same goes for the mini 11 itself. Available in five colours – blush pink, ice white, sky blue, lilac purple, charcoal grey – you can customise your kit by adding a jewel and strap, plus pick up additional accessories such as camera cases and photo albums.

5. You get to stay in your Ramadan moment

You can be holding a photo of your fabulous memories in as little as ten seconds, which makes it super easy to both take photos and give them away, sharing the love wherever you go this Ramadan. So don’t just take, give with your favourite instax mini 11.

Making Ramadan memories just got a whole lot more fun – and the Instax mini 11 is the perfect gift, that keeps on giving.
From Dhs329 (including one pack of film). Available from all good electronics stores across the Middle East. Click here to buy now.