Abu Dhabi: Woman sues motorist for Dh60,000 after he tries to hit her car


A young woman sued a motorist for trying to attack her while on a public road. She said the man chased her car trying to hit her without any reason, which put her life in danger.

The woman said in her lawsuit that she was driving on a road in Abu Dhabi when the man stubbornly started chasing her.

She said he swerved his vehicle towards her car in a way that could endanger her life.

The complainant said she was threatened by the incident and that she almost had an accident as the defendant chased her with his car in an attempt to hit her.

She demanded that the man pay her Dh60,000 in compensation for the moral and material damages she suffered.


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The woman said the criminal court had earlier convicted the man and that he was penalised for trying to attack her. She also presented to court documents for the previous court ruling.

The woman had filed the civil lawsuit against the man demanding for compensation following his conviction by the criminal court.

The man had denied trying to attack the woman when he appeared in court and asked court to dismiss the case.

Based on the evidence presented in the criminal court, the Al Ain Civil Court of First Instance issued a ruling instructing the man to pay Dh15,000 to the woman in compensation for the damages.

The motorist was also told to pay for the woman’s legal expenses.