Caught on camera: Convicted murderer climbs walls in daring US prison escape


A convicted murderer escaped from the Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania, US, last week after “crab-walking” between two walls. The police have now released a video that shows Danelo Cavalcante’s daring escape as he continues to be on the run.

In the video shared by Chester County District Attorney’s Office on X (formerly Twitter), Cavalcante, 34, is seen moving from the exercise yard of the prison towards two walls parallel to each other. He then begins climbing up the walls and manages to escape without being noticed by the prison guards.


According to the CNN, Cavalcante was convicted last month in the murder of his 33-year-old ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandao. He had brutally stabbed Brandao 38 times in front of her two children in 2021 and was arrested hours later in Virginia.

Cavalcante, who was serving a life sentence in the Chester County Prison, is also wanted for homicide in Brazil, the report added.

Authorities have offered a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of Cavalcante.


Chester County Prison warden Howard Holland told reporters that Cavalcante escaped on the morning of August 31. When he and other inmates entered the yard, Cavalcante “crab-walked” up two walls before making his way through razor wire to reach the roof of the prison. He then ran across the roof, climbed another fence and got through more razor wire before fleeing the facility, reported The Washington Post.

About an hour later, prison officers noticed that an inmate was missing and started a special count that confirmed Cavalcante’s escape. Notably, Cavalcante broke out from the prison in a similar fashion as another inmate, Igor Bolte, who escaped the same prison in May. Bolte was spotted by a guard and caught immediately, the report added.

A manhunt is on to nab Cavalcante while Holland said security measures will be enhanced at the prison, the report mentioned.

Holland added that an internal investigation is underway while highlighting that a guard tower overlooking the exercise yard at Chester County Prison “did not observe or report” Cavalcante’s escape, the report said.

After fleeing from the prison, Cavalcante was caught on a trail camera twice on September 5 in East Marlborough Township, Chester County. Police shared the photos of the convict and urged citizens to offer information on him.



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