‘Driving through hell on Earth’: Video shows police officer escaping wildfire in US


A frightening video has surfaced on the internet, showing a police officer driving through a wildfire in Washington. He was helping in the evacuation process. The moments were captured by the body camera of Deputy Brittan Morgan last month when the Oregon Road Fire started.

According to the police, the Oregon Road Fire started at around 4 pm on August 18 burning about 10,817 acres and destroying around 120 homes as of August 30. A person was also killed in the wildfire.

The footage, shared by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office on YouTube, opens with Deputy Brittan Morgan trying to convince a citizen to leave with him as the fire continues to spread. After the person refuses, the police officer gets in his car and heads towards Oregon Road to warn others about the wildfires. He also alerts another officer, Deputy Nave, via radio.

At one point in the video, titled Driving Through Hell on Earth, Deputy Morgan is seen driving through a forested area with flames on both sides of the road and smoke obstructing his view. Trees can be seen engulfed in flames just meters away from the officer’s car as he makes a daring escape.

“Clearly, he is not sure how it would end, but his determination to escape the flames is evident,” the text attached to the video read.

Later, in the video, the officer warns a truck driver who can be seen unknowingly driving towards the fire. “It’s headed right for us, man, I was just there. Unless you wanna die, hurry up and go,” Deputy Morgan is heard saying.

The video then shows Officer Morgan coming across the same man who had refused to leave with him in the beginning. “Oh thank you, bro, I was so worried about you. I know you’re probably sad for your horse right now, I’m glad you’re alive,” Deputy Morgan is heard saying to the man sitting in a car.


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