Dubai: 4 men fined Dh320,000, imprisoned for detaining, assaulting man


A 52-year-old businessman and three others were fined Dh320,000, sentenced to prison for three years and will be deported for and deported from the country for luring, detaining and assaulting another businessman.

Investigation records say that the accused and his business partner had a dispute with another businessman over the sale of mobile phones.

The victim had visited the business partners’ office to resolve the issue amicably. However, once he reached, they closed the behind him and threatened him to pay Dh100,000.

The victim then called a friend and asked him to arrange the amount, which was paid to them immediately.

The accused asked the victim to write them cheques in the name of the company and to the bearer. The accused men weren’t satisfied and asked the victim to go along with them to the person who sold them the goods.

The victim tried to inform the police on the way. The men then stopped the vehicle in a sandy area and then beat him up. One of the accused then called his wife to tell her that the victim had been kidnapped and would be killed if she didn’t pay Dh220,000.

The victim’s brother-in-law then negotiates with the accused and agrees to pay the amount in two cheques.


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In the Court of Appeal, the accused had denied charges but, the court was assured of the evidence and decided to support the verdict by the Criminal Court in Dubai.