Dubai: Filipina found dead in a suitcase under Deira bridge


A 32-year-old Filipino woman was recently found dead in a suitcase left under the Palm Island bridge in Deira, authorities said.

According to investigations, a Pakistani man, believed to be her boyfriend, confessed to the murder, saying he strangled her with a piece of cloth after a heated argument about money.

A security guard found the suitcase on March 6 and immediately informed his boss, who then called the police.

Officers who rushed to the crime scene opened the suitcase and found the dead body of the Filipina, identified as Annalisa RL. The police’s probe revealed that she held a visit visa and stayed in a flat with a man believed to be her boyfriend.

The Dubai Police’s CID officers managed to track down the man, identified as MNA, who was the primary suspect in the murder. He was arrested in an apartment in Hor Al Anz.


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During the interrogation, the accused admitted that he had an ‘illicit affair’ with the victim for four months and that she lived with him in the same room throughout this period.

She had once borrowed Dh600 to renew her visit visa from him. He refused to lend her more money when she asked again, leading to a heated argument. When she fell on the floor in the middle of the fight, MNA found a piece of cloth and strangled her. He shoved her body into a suitcase and dragged it outside for about 40 minutes until he found the bridge. He dumped the suitcase there, thinking no one would find it.

The case has now been moved to the Public Prosecution.

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