Dubai: Gang jailed for 3 years for forcing minor girl into prostitution


A gang of three Asians has been sentenced to three years in prison and will be deported after they serve their sentence for human trafficking.

They were accused of bringing a minor girl from their country to Dubai and forcing her into prostitution.

The police had received information that a minor girl had been detained in an apartment and a nightclub used by a gang for prostitution. The CID team then planned an ambush to apprehend the suspects.

A police officer went to the hotel where the girl works and met one of the accused. He then expressed his admiration for the girl. The accused asked for Dh3,000 in return and asked the police officer to pay Dh300 for the hotel room as well. The officer agreed.

The policeman stated in records that he spoke to his colleagues and gave them the necessary information in order to receive permission from Dubai’s Public Prosecution to arrest the accused.

The police then arrested all three accused – the man who agreed to make the transaction, the driver who would transport the girl from the apartment to the hotel, and the man who detained the girl at the apartment.

The victim stated that she arrived a month ago after she received a job offer from one of the convicted. She said she received the man’s number from her friend, and then got in touch with the accused to find a job.

She added that one of the accused had said that there is a job opportunity in Dubai with a monthly salary of Dh2,000. They then helped her get a passport with an older age on it so she could travel to Dubai.

The girl said that after she landed in Dubai, she was received by one of the accused and another who was on the same flight as her. They then took her to an apartment and locked her after they got her passport. She added that they forced her to practice the work for a month.


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