Dubai: Guard steals items worth Dh92,000 from warehouse, resigns from job


An Asian guard has been sentenced to three months in prison by the criminal court. The man was convicted for stealing and selling electrical cables, copper cables, scaffolding and other materials. He will be deported after he serves his sentence.

According to police investigations, the company realised that the guard had been systematically stealing from them after he put in his resignation.

When taking stock of the inventory in the warehouse, they discovered that the guard had stolen items worth Dh92,000, and sold them.

The director of Human Resources in the company gave a statement to the Public Prosecution saying that the accused continued to perform his work until he decided to resign, after which they discovered that he had been stealing from the warehouse constantly.

The accused admitted to his crime but claimed that he did so on the instructions of the director of Human Resources, who gave a statement against him. He did not prove his claims with evidence.


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