Dubai-London luxury private jet service for dogs announced; rates start from Dh36,500


Are you a jet-setting pet parent in the UAE who simply can’t bear to leave your furry friend behind when you jet off to London?

Well, fret no more, because a public charter operator K9 JETS will now whisk you and your four-legged family members across the skies in style.

Addressing the needs of UAE-based travellers returning to the UK with their beloved pets, this inaugural flight will take off on 26 September, 2023, departing from Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai and flying into Farnborough, UK.

According to the International Pet and Transport Association (IPATA), over four million pets and live animals are transported by air annually, with pet travel poised to rise globally.

Ticket price and frequency of flights

Passengers will have to shell out Dh36,454.92 ($9,925) which includes a seat for the pet owner and a space in the cabin for their family’s canine member.

The new Dubai — London route will see regular flights take place throughout 2023 and 2024 from December across January, April, July, and September with further dates set to be announced.

K9 JETS was founded by a UK-based husband-and-wife duo Kirsty and Adam Golder in 2022, after their sister company G6 Aviation received an unusual request for a flight from London to New Jersey for ten passengers and ten dogs.

Adam Golder, Co-Founder, K9 JETS said, “We’re thrilled to be launching the inaugural Dubai to London K9 JETS flight this month. To date, we have flown over 220 happy jet-setting pets and their owners on international flights from destinations including Paris, London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Lisbon. Our newly introduced Dubai route is our maiden flight in the Middle East and we’re looking forward to expanding our network to include routes farther East to Asia, Australia and beyond in 2024.”

Before K9 JETS’ service was available, pets flying back to the UK would have to adhere to individual commercial airlines’ pet policies.

This meant, only smaller pets could travel in the cabin, and larger pets would have to travel in cargo or as excess baggage, often causing stress for pets separated from their owners.

“With one of the largest expatriate populations in the world, Dubai residents have expressed a need for pet-friendly relocation flights, and K9 JETS is more than happy to deliver. We’re excited to be welcoming our two and four-legged guests on board in a few weeks and to increase routes as demand dictates,” he added.

The check-in for this flight will take place at a deluxe private terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport, complete with a welcome team and grassy area for pets to relax and enjoy before boarding the flight.

As per the UK government guidelines, all passengers travelling on the flight will be asked to provide the relevant medical certification for their pets.

Pups must be leashed at all times but can sit on the owner’s lap or in the cabin.


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