Dubai: Man jailed for scamming company of Dh52,000, creating fake documents


A 43-year-old Asian was sentenced to prison for a month and will be deported for scamming a company of Dh52,000 by forging documentation and identity.

The accused created a false email associated with a popular company by hacking into the company’s correspondence.

Investigations conducted by Dubai’s Public Prosecution reveals that the convicted sent an email to the victim company stating that Dh52,000 had to be transferred to an account for a tender.

The accused also created false documentation to urge the manager of the victim company to transfer the amount. The documentation had incorrect information, a fake seal and details of a bank account associated with the accused.

After the money had been transferred, the manager of the victim company spoke to representatives of the company that the accused impersonated. He then realised that there are no such tenders.

After examining all the facts and the evidence, the court ruled that the accused be sentenced to a month in prison, fined him the stolen amount and ordered his deportation after his sentence has been served. The forged documentation has been confiscated by authorities.


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