Dubai: Salesman fined Dh113,000, jailed for stealing cash from store safe


The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a 43-year-old Asian to three months in jail, and fined him Dh113,000 for stealing cash from a mall store in Dubai.

The incident dates back to November 2021 when the manager of a clothing store in Marina Mall filed a report stating that Dh113,000 had been stolen from the store safe. During investigations, he had said that at morning reporting time, him and two other employees had inspected the safe to check their earnings, but they did not find the money inside.

He added that he tried to contact the sales employee, who owns a copy of the safe key, but he did not answer the call, and had left the country.

The police immediately arrived at the store to investigate the theft after a report was filed.

According to police records, the CID team collected evidences, reviewed the surveillance footage in the mall and at the store to get leads. The footage showed that the sales employee had left the store with rest of the employees — but then returned alone, went into the store and exited after a few minutes carrying a plastic bag. He was seen closing the store door and leaving the mall.

According to the Passports Department records, the employee left the country on the same day the theft was discovered. The accused salesperson was arrested at the airport as he returned to the UAE.

During interrogations, the suspect denied his connection to the crime before he was shown the surveillance footage, showing him returning to the store alone after leaving with other employees, and then leaving after a few minutes carrying a plastic bag.


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The Immigration Department records also confirmed that the accused employee had exited the country the same day the crime was discovered.

The man will be deported after serving his sentence.