Dubai World Cup: Filipino expat ensures Meydan is on the right track


It is widely known that the twin race tracks at Meydan Racecourse are very popular with riders from around the world and the reason behind that is because of the high level of maintenance that is carried out by a team of skilled workers all year round.

One of the members of this excellent crew is Mateo Noseda, a skilled grader operator who joined the Dubai Racing Club soon after Meydan Racecourse opened in 2000.

“I feel privileged to be part of the crew that maintains this incredible racetrack,” says Noseda, one of many Filipino nationals working at Dubai’s iconic racecourse.

One of the main goals of the maintenance team is to ensure that the dirt and turf tracks are safe, consistent and fair to both horse and rider.

“My job is to maintain grades and elevations on the track which are up to international standards,” says Noseda. “I drive a grader which plows through the sand and creates a level surface that has no track bias.

“It’s very important to ensure that the track is in the best condition because some of the best horses in the world race here at Meydan,” Noseda adds.

“Every morning we clean the track and look for stones or objects that could endanger the horses during a race. We also have to ensure that the height and depth of the track are perfect.

“Watering the track is also particularly important to how it behaves during a race,” he adds.

“I love my job even though it requires a lot of disciplined work. When I watch a race, I feel proud that our team has done everything to make the surface the best that it possibly can be.”


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