Dubai’s rapid growth provides fertile ground for Yango expansion


Dubai’s rapid population growth, along with the increasing number of residents and visitors, has led to higher demand for transportation services, resulting in more journeys on the public transport system. Additionally, Dubai’s extensive infrastructure development, including the expansion of the metro network, introduction of tram services, and improvements in bus routes, has made public transport more accessible, convenient, and reliable, encouraging people to choose it as their preferred mode of transportation.

Furthermore, the growing awareness of sustainability and environmental issues has influenced individuals to choose alternate modes of transportation, with public transport offering an alternative to private cars, contributing to the rise in journeys made on Dubai’s public transport system.

Yango is a ride-hailing service that operates in over 600 large cities across 17 countries around the world. Launched in 2011, Yango is powered by machine learning, using its own mapping and routing systems to locate and transport passengers.

Some 700,000 drivers are connected to Yango worldwide, and 36 million people have used the service since its launch. The company celebrated its one billionth ride in September 2018.

Islam Abul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC, spoke to Khaleej Times about the company’s operations in the region and future plans. Excerpts from an interview:

What factors do you believe contributed to the significant rise in the number of journeys made on Dubai public transport in 2022?

The significant rise in the number of journeys made on Dubai public transport in 2022 can be attributed to several key factors. The integration and connectivity of different modes of public transport in Dubai, such as buses, metro, trams, and taxis, have further facilitated seamless travel experiences, making it easier for people to switch between different modes and encouraging them to utilise public transport for their journeys. Lastly, the popularity of Dubai as a tourist destination has driven the increase in public transport journeys, as tourists rely on the public transport system to explore the city and access popular attractions and destinations. And ride hailing services such as Yango provide a great additional opportunity to make city transport infrastructure even more accessible and convenient.

How do you think this increase in public transport usage will impact the overall transportation landscape in Dubai?

I believe that the increase in public transport usage in Dubai is expected to lead to significant changes in the transportation landscape. More individuals are likely to prefer public transport and ride-hailing services for shorter distances and areas well-served by public transportation, potentially reshaping transportation choices in the city.

Ride-hailing companies may need to adapt their strategies and services, such as through unique features, or partnerships with public transport operators, to provide integrated travel solutions.

Greater integration and collaboration between different modes of transport are expected to occur.

The increase in public transport usage will also necessitate the optimisation of transportation systems. Providers can analyse data on routes, popular destinations, and areas with limited public transport coverage to optimise service availability, driver positioning, and marketing strategies. This optimisation will ensure efficient resource utilisation and align transportation services with the changing demands of the population.

Overall, the rise in public transport usage will lead to changes in travel preferences, increased competition, enhanced integration and collaboration, and the optimisation of transportation systems in Dubai. These changes have the potential to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability of the city’s transportation network.

How does Yango’s mapping system contribute to the overall user experience?

At Yango, we have our own developed technologies including mapping, routing and many others. Yango’s advanced mapping system ensures accurate navigation, minimising wrong routes or delays and enhancing overall reliability. By incorporating real-time traffic data, the system optimises routes, avoiding congested areas and suggesting alternate paths for faster and more efficient rides.

In addition, the mapping system efficiently matches drivers with passengers by considering proximity, traffic conditions, and driver availability. This ensures quick and convenient pickups, minimising wait times and maximising the utilisation of resources. Turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance are provided, allowing drivers to focus on the road and deliver seamless rides.

What are Yango’s plans for the region?

Yango has achieved significant growth in Dubai. With a remarkable average week-to-week growth rate of 20 per cent during active season, Yango’s progress in the market is evident. We have a strong commitment to establishing a presence and meeting the transportation needs of a wider customer base, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and convenient ride-hailing platform.

Collaboration with local partners has been instrumental in Yango’s success in the UAE. By partnering with established transportation providers, Yango leverages their expertise and resources to deliver a high-quality ride-hailing experience in Dubai. This partnership-based approach ensures safe, efficient, and dependable transportation services for users.

Yango has also adapted to the increasing number of tourists visiting the UAE, providing convenient and accessible rides to both residents and visitors. With its user-friendly platform and dedication to user satisfaction, Yango enhances the exploration of the Dubai market.

Yango’s market expansion plans primarily focus on Dubai, recognising the demand for a premium and technologically advanced ride-hailing experience. By utilising smart technologies and incorporating efficient and user-friendly features, Yango aims to exceed customer expectations. The growing acceptance of ride-hailing services in the UAE creates an optimistic outlook for Yango’s future growth in Dubai and the entire country. The projected market volume and average revenue per user indicate significant potential for growth in the ride-hailing segment.

We recently introduced a pre-booking feature in the Yango app, allowing users to schedule rides in advance. This feature aims to enhance service efficiency and accessibility, catering to the diverse needs of customers and further improving the overall ride-hailing experience.