eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid review


The Robovac X8 Hybrid has a IPATH LASER NAVIGATION scanner, comes with mop attachment and coupled with twin-turbine suction power and Boost IQ Cleaning Technology, it’s got a robust offering inside. The design overall is easy to handle and it helps especially when you’re putting things in for the first time.

It stands out from its other line of robot vacuum cleaners. It has a bronze pattern on top and three function buttons with a panel on top. The RoboVac X8’s laser sensors are particularly good as it uses AI to map out your home and potential obstacles. The three buttons are a call to home button or initiate cleaning, the power button and a spot clean feature if you want the robot to clean a specific part of the house. However, it’s worth noting that eufy has a great app that lets you do all of this.

The back bin is a 400ml dust pan that’s easy to slot in and it’s also fairly easy to get the dirt out. There’s also a brush and hair removal tool supplied to clean the filters. Other than that, it’s fairly straightforward in terms of attachments, the regular floor brush and a sweeper brush to push dirt into the path of the cleaner. All of the attachments are removable and eufy has supplied a backup sweeper brush in case you need a replacement.

At the back there’s a 250ml water tank that you can attach a microfiber cloth to mop the floor and tile and it also has additional cloths to use. You’ll need it considering that the microfiber cloth picks up a lot of dirt and washing it is recommended.

The Eufy Home app is available on iOS and Android and this is what you’ll be using to program the Robovac X8 Hybrid. It’s absolutely simple and I loved how quick and easy it was to get it all started. It relies on the iPath Laser Navigation that first maps out the entire house wrapping in boundaries and then filling it all in through navigating the open spaces. I appreciated the IPATH LASER NAVIGATION will try to get into an open space before it moves on and the Robovac’s accuracy improves over time the more it’s used.

You can use the No-Go zone feature to tell the Robovac where to not go, where to mop, spot clean or you can control the vacuum cleaner manually. It also has the feature of storing multiple maps in case you have a big house with multiple floors. All of this can be automated, and you can also use Google Assistant or Alexa to start a clean.


As to how it performs, well, the eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid will make sure your house stays clean. It does a stellar job of clearing dust, dirt and hair and it even did my carpets pretty nicely. You can also manually push the suction power using its boost IQ mode and it will automatically decide based on the surface it’s on how much power it needs.

I appreciated that the RoboVac can navigate and go through obstacles to find pathways to clean under the table and across. The cleaner also has a kickstand to lift itself as it moves from different surfaces.

The mop function is pretty stellar too. It will clear most spills with relative ease and you can also add in a rubber mat near the charging dock for the mop to dry. It runs for approximately 2 and a half hours on a single charge.


The eufy Robovac X8 Hybrid is your perfect vacuum cleaning companion that will ensure your house remains clean. Coupled with its powerful suction technology and the fact that it can map out your home across multiple points and work with different surfaces and the addition of the mop. At AED 2,299 it definitely works for many looking for a 2 in 1 solution for their cleaning needs.