Experience Château Market’s luxurious Japanese dining

If you’re searching for a unique dining experience featuring high quality wagyu beef and freshly prepared sushi, look no further. Château Market is bringing a new twist on its popular high-end delivery and private chef service, with the launch of a new restaurant at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai called TakaHisa.

The luxury Japanese concept will be opening its doors from Wednesday December 29 and it promises to takes dining in Dubai to another level.

That’s not all. With a season of festive celebrations and New Year just round the corner, it’s time to go all out to impress friends and family. With Château Market offering at-home private dining, you can wow them with super Japanese dishes right on your dining room table.

Kobe beef master Chef Hisao and sushi master Takashi Namekata (hence the name TakaHisa) have worked in some of the world’s top restaurants, including Michelin-starred Ukai-tei and Dubai’s long-standing Japanese restaurant, and former Time Out Dubai Restaurant Award-winner, Tomo. Combine top chefs with the freshest ingredients and we’re expecting exciting things.

Even better, Château Market is the only officially registered company that handles kobe beef for a restaurant, wholesale and retail sale in the UAE. Its kobe beef is halal certified.

Every day, freshly caught fish is shipped straight from the world’s largest fish market, the famous Toyosu Fish Market (formerly called Tsukiji Market), in Tokyo.

Château Market’s team selects specific types of fish at the local auction, bidding for the highest grades and top quality.

Within a matter of hours, Chef Namekata will be slicing and preparing these exceptional ingredients right in front of you. Some of the specialities include sea urchin, bluefin tuna and Japanese tiger shrimp.

For meat-lovers, Château Market uses the highest A5 grade Kobe wagyu beef. The selection of meat used is some of the most exclusive – only the top five percent of all Kobe beef is chosen – with a beef marbling score of 12 to add a softer, sweeter texture.

If you’re dining at home, or selecting a delivery from Château Market, you can also choose from specialist ingredients such as white truffle and caviar, for that extra Dubai bling. For authentic tastes of Japan with a signature Dubai flair, Château Market has it all. There’s a selection of experiences to choose from at various prices, so it’s time to get booking.

Opening Dec 29. Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai. Order at @chateau_market (058 979 9799).