Expo 2020 Dubai: 7 things to do with 7 days of the world fair left


The greatest show on earth has been wowing the world with its innovations, live and street performances and diverse experiences for the past six months. Expo 2020 Dubai will come to a close in just seven days, bringing down curtains on the biggest show to be hosted since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

There is just so much to explore and very little time left. Here, we have curated the top seven things you could do for the last seven days. The events listed below can be experienced on all remaining days of the global event.

Morning walk under Al Wasl Dome

Al Wasl Dome is known as the beating heart of the Expo and rightly so. It’s not only a stunning architectural masterpiece, but also a multi-sensory experience. If you head to the dome in the mornings between 9am and 10.15am, you are in for a morning walk experience.

“Enjoy a calming walk through Al Wasl Plaza’s garden and listen to the sounds of a world awakening in the early hours: Sounds of nature, the laugh of children going to school and the early excitement of rising spirits,” Expo 2020 states on its website.

Roaring fun with dinosaurs

This one is as fun as it sounds! “Come face to face with a fascinating menagerie of dinosaurs, from adorable baby T-Rex and Triceratops, inquisitive Leaellynasaurs, through to the terrifying carnivorous Fukuiraptor. A remarkable dinosaur experience unlike any you’ve ever had,” says the Expo website.

The experience is available at Al Forsan Park between 3pm and 5pm.

Bloom high in the air

This event called Bloom is a mobile aerial performance, “with beautifully-designed characters moving high above the audience, creating an impressive spectacle”.

You can catch “a glimpse of a fluttering butterfly, or a bumbling bee, travelling above, glistening in the sun”, according to Expo 2020.

You can spot it at the 2020 Plaza in Al Wasl Zone or the Public Realm in the Opportunity district.

Cycle around the world

You can join a guided tour of Expo 2020 Dubai and “ride across 192 country pavilions, learning more about the biggest Expo in history”. You can explore all three thematic districts — Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability — on a bike.

Horsing around in the air

Hosted four metres up in the air, this “creature transforms the Expo site into a dream-like” show. The Royal Horse performers celebrate as it moves through Expo.

You can catch the action at the Public Realm in Mobility; and Al Forsan Park | Al Forsan Zone.


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See 3 giant dolls glide around

The Transe Express is three giant dolls in oversized dresses gliding through the crowds, “giving vocal performances that mix original compositions, popular songs and the finest opera arias”.

You can catch them at the Ghaf Avenue and Public Realm in Al Wasl Zone.

Multisensory maze magic

Architects of Air offers an “experience of light, colour and sound as you enter a world of wonder in this luminarium”.

“It’s a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes with natural forms, Islamic architecture, Archimedean solids and gothic cathedrals,” according to the Expo website.

Unlock the maze’s mysteries at Festival Garden.