Expo 2020 Dubai: Hundreds of visitors join event to mark Earth Hour


Hundreds of visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai joined in an event to mark Earth Hour on Saturday. World Wildlife Fund launched Earth Hour in 2007 to encourage people to switch off all non-essential electricity for an hour to raise awareness on global warming and climate change.

About 60 pavilions participated in the symbolic switching off lights at intervals of one minute during the one hour duration. The Sustainability Pavilion switched off its lights for about 10 seconds in honour of Earth Hour.

A special parade, which started at the the Ghaf Avenue in Sustainability Pavilion, made its way through the world fair from 9pm and ended at 9.30pm at the UK Pavilion in the Opportunity District.

A Dubai Police march band led the parade from Ghaf Avenue and entertained visitors with their music. Hundreds of visitors joined the band waving flags.

Earth Hour is aimed at encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off all non-essential lights and utilities for an hour symbolising their commitment to planet Earth.


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Syrian expat Hisham Saeed, who has been to Expo several times, enjoyed the parade. “I have learnt something very interesting today. There are a lot of things the Expo has taught me, and this is one of the important ones,” said Saeed.

Another visitor, Raju Israni, who was visiting the fair with his family said that his children were keen on learning about Earth Hour. “When I explained to my six-year-old daughter, her response was surprised me. She said that she will turn off all the electric appliances (at home) when they are not in use.”

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