Expo City Dubai: When will first set of business tenants move in?


Expo City Dubai, the legacy site of Expo 2020 Dubai, will house some big names in its freezone destination. These firms have been seminal partners of the milestone six-month long Expo event.

This freezone site will also house many “affiliated tenants” of COP 28 2023.

In an interview to Khaleej Times, Chief Development and Delivery Officer, Expo City Dubai, Ahmed Al Khatib says, “we will be welcoming tenants including Siemens, DP World and Terminus beginning in October and into early 2023; the tenants will be moving in in stages, based on size and needs. We also look forward to hosting COP 28 in 2023, which is expected to welcome a number of affiliated tenants.”

Al Khatib also shed light on how Expo City Dubai is a using a fine-tooth comb in selecting their anchor tenants who promise to bring in innovative solutions to address various challenges.

He adds, “from a broader perspective, we continue our careful selection process to ensure that all tenants – our partners in the growth of Expo City Dubai – are aligned with the city’s values. We are particularly keen to welcome tenants focused on innovation, technology, education and healthcare.”

Building on its resounding success and retaining 80 per cent of Expo-built infrastructure, Al Khatib elucidates on how the repurposed destination will offer a “smarter, more balanced, resilient, and sustainable way of life”.

He adds, “Expo City Dubai will not allow cars within its districts. Visitors who access the city by car can park just outside the district limits, and then take advantage of the buggies, the Expo Explorer, eScooters and eBikes that are available for hire within the city.”


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Expo City Dubai is easily accessed by metro, car and taxi. Parking, including dedicated parking for People of Determination, is available at Al Forsan, Jubilee, Mobility and Sustainability.

“Part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, Expo City Dubai exemplifies the solution-creating capabilities of a clean, green, human-centric, tech-enabled city of the future. The city is based on a deep-rooted belief that a broad coalition of people, working together, can propel human progress to help create a more sustainable and dignified future for all.

“Reinforcing Dubai and the UAE’s strength in connecting the world and driving collaboration, Expo City Dubai is the new go-to destination for business and events, including the much-anticipated COP 28 in 2023. With an array of diverse attractions and packed with educational, cultural and entertainment offerings, the comprehensive city will also drive innovation and action on its journey to net zero, cultivating a strong sense of personal agency among both tenants and visitors.”