Here are all the art exhibitions you need to check out this January

So many inspiring galleries to visit…

Dubai is one of those cities where there’s a never-ending supply of things to do. For a bit of culture to shake up your month, soak in the creativity at these art exhibitions in Dubai. Make time out of your hectic festive schedule to pop down to one of these gorgeous galleries for some me time, or a catch-up with a bestie.

Here are 8 gorgeous galleries to visit in Dubai this January.


When: Until Wednesday January 10

Anna Chekh is hosting her second exhibition with the BOCCARA Gallery after her debut success. Chekh’s exhibition will display her bright and vibrant artwork which features playful elements such as cartoon characters, combining expression with surrealism, whilst utilising these characters to make societal commentary. Her collection, Faceless, combines several diverse mediums, from the traditional canvas to digital art. One of her most notable pieces, Shadow Man, illustrates the new generations use of social networks to form social connections whilst remaining anonymous and thus removing themselves from the reality of physical experiences.

BOCCARA Gallery, Zone C, Gate Avenue, DIFC, daily 10am to 10pm, Tel: (0)55 583 4667,


When: Wednesday January 11 to Monday February 20

À Rebours is Gil Heitor Cortesão’s fifth solo exhibition with Carbon 12, using his signature technique of reverse painting on plexiglass. The artist utilises layering which creates a sense of illusion, distorting what the viewer can see and what they believe may exists within these layers. Gil Heitor Cortesão’s work takes inspiration from 1960’s and 70’s architecture, creating a fusion of familiarity and utopia.

Carbon.12, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, Mon to Sat 11.30 to 7pm, Tel: (0)4 340 6016,

The Efie Gallery

When: Thursday January 12 to Tuesday 24

In an exhibition titled The Art of Advocacy, one of our favorite African art galleries is showcasing the work of Ethiopian photographer, Ada Muluneh. The collection will include a diverse range of works that demonstrate the artist’s ability to use art as a tool for change, with some of her works even being commissioned for the Nobel Peace Prize. Muluneh’s new venture of exploring mixed media through hand-painting acrylic onto photographs will be featured in this exhibition. Muluneh is best known for her powerful portraits of women in surreal settings, with advocacy playing an important role in her work, focusing on human rights, conflict, colonialism, and health.

The Efie Gallery, Al Quoz, Dubai, Tel: (0)4 252 4182,

Jameel Arts Centre

When: Until April 2, 2023

Jameel Arts Centre is hosting an extended exhibition which explores the human relationship with water. An Ocean in Every Drop depicts the importance of water in all of our lives, influencing history, culture, language, and social relations. Our understanding of water has consistently evolved, and we now see water in a crisis, being both scarce due to drought and potentially over-abundant due to floods and sea levels. With a curation of international works, guests are invited to explore the topic of water and how it forms from our past to our present.

Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront, Dubai, Fri 12pm to 8pm, Sat to Thursday 10am to 8pm, closed on Tues, Tel: (0)4 873 9800.

Lawrie Shabibi

When: Wednesday January 11 until Friday February 17

Kickstarting the new year, Lawrie Shabibi is hosting Larry Amponsah’s first solo exhibition in the UAE titled, The Soil From Which We Came. Amponsah’s works evoke a deeper understanding and connectivity to contemporary black culture, identity, politics and history, through the artists creative tone of  reconfiguring and modifying imagery through collage and painting. This exhibition will bring out your inner romantic, with the pieces exploring connections from person to person,  inhabitant and the inhabited as well as the relationship between things and people. The Soil From Which We Came, challenges and plays with the parameters to which artists can utilise painting and mixed media. This exhibition is not to be missed.

Lawrie Shabibi, Al Quoz 1 Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai, Mon to Sat 10pm to 6pm, Sun closed, Tel: (0)4 346 9906,

Leila Heller Gallery

When: Until Friday January 13

Growing up half-Iranian in America during the revolution, artist Darvish Fakhr faced abuse and shame he could not understand as a child. Through his artwork, the artist explores the complicated emotions he is processing, often evoking the audience to challenge their preconceived notions of culture and tolerance. Fakhr notes a quote by scholar Edward Said in 1978; “Finding a means to live together without violence or antagonism will take a form of imagination and invention.”

Leila Heller Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Sat to Thur 10am to 7pm, closed on Fri, Tel: (0)4 321 6942,

Tabari Artspace

When: Thursday January 12 to Monday 27

Over 18 months, Zaid Al Najjar has curated his solo exhibition Under Your Eyes, which showcases Emirati visual pieces that challenges the boundaries of materials and visual perception. Using silk prints and works on canvas, the artist fuses influences from the natural world and modern entities. Najjar explores the interconnected nature of the natural, constructed and spirited reals and how these elements reflect and play into his lived experiences.

Tabari Artspace Gallery, DIFC, Gate Village, Bld 3, Dubai, Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm closed Sat and Sun, Tel: (0)4 323 0820,


When: Until January Tuesday 24

Lana Khayat’s solo exhibition, Conversation With The Wilderness, brings the artists immense connection with nature to life. Through her artwork, Khayat depicts her conversations with nature, that she has found too personal to put into words, using the canvas as her way to reflect these dialogues. This exhibitions ‘bridges what is natural and what is constructed’, hoping to inspire individuals to discover deeper meaning in nature, where you can escape the mundane and find meaning in everything.

XVA, Al Fahidi Neighborhood, Dubai, 7am to 10pm daily, Tel: (0)4 353 5383,

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