HONOR continues to go beyond and unleash the power of magic at MWC 2023

HONOR will have an on-site launch event to unveil the latest foldable phone HONOR Magic Vs and the brand-new flagship HONOR Magic5 Series, at MWC 2023 on February 27th. There will also be a live stream of the launch event, which will start at 4.30 pm (UAE Time) from Barcelona, Spain.

Here’s the link to the live stream landing page: HONOR MWC 2023 Launch Event

HONOR is one of the leading tech brands, which is known for its trustworthy technology. It has built a reputation for producing high-quality devices and software that are both user-friendly and reliable. From smartphones, tablets, wearables to audio, HONOR’s devices have become synonymous with innovation and reliability.

This commitment to bring the best-in-class technology has made HONOR a trusted brand among consumers, and the company continues to push the boundaries of technology while maintaining its reputation for reliable and trustworthy products.

As HONOR’s latest flagship smartphone and its first foldable to be launched globally, the HONOR Magic Vs embodies state-of-the-art foldable technology with a strong focus on hinge design and engineering, solving multiple pain points associated with foldable smartphones.

The HONOR Magic Vs sets new benchmarks for foldable smartphones carefully crafted with groundbreaking hinge technology, as it simplifies the complexity of foldable design with its industry-first super-light gearless hinge.

The hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs folds gracefully to boast a gap-free design, solving yet another pain point that other competing foldables smartphones on the market have not yet solved. Showing no openings when the device is folded, the gap-free design not only gives the device a premium look, but also makes the device thinner.

With product innovation as HONOR’s core value, HONOR continues to invest heavily in R&D capabilities to support its full portfolio of smartphones and other smart devices, aspiring to achieve the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and superb user experiences.

On a global scale, HONOR has 6 R&D centers (over 55 per cent of the new HONOR team are in the R&D function), 100+ innovative labs, 8,500+ global patent applications, 400+ strict product testing standards, 20+ global certification standards, and a professional team of over 11,000 in over 100 countries with 3,000+ service centres to support the entire spectrum of end-to-end operations. These range from research and development, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer service, and finance divisions.

The R&D team at HONOR conducts a series of extreme tests on the phone, ensuring it can withstand extreme temperatures, performing to its full potential. To ensure that those who are prone to accidents never have to worry about damaging the device, each of the test samples is dropped from different heights, at different angles, and onto different types of surfaces to examine the hardiness of the device against drops.

The HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, which opened in September 2021, is HONOR’s first self-funded factory built to ensure the high standards of reliability and quality across our premium products are met.

Talking about HONOR X Series, it achieved huge success on the ground with the roll out of various devices from the line-up. It gained a lot of recognition in the Middle East region as it was carefully curated to bring users reliable products with exquisitely slim and stylish designs, a bigger display, exceptional photography capabilities and powerful performance that exceeds expectations, all at an affordable price point.

It is worth mentioning the successful launch of HONOR X9a earlier this year, the smartphone with the strongest screen achieved outstanding results and spike sales in the Middle East Region with its exceptional durability and advanced features. HONOR is also planning to launch HONOR X8a soon, boasting a 100MP ultra camera for a class-leading photography experience with extreme clarity and the finest details.

Obviously, HONOR is staying at the forefront of innovation by creating the best possible products and experiences for their users to maintain a competitive edge in the market and offer features and capabilities that are not available from their competitors.