Hype Dish: Baked potato at Caviar Kaspia

What goes into the simple yet elegant plate

OKAY, so we know a baked potato might not scream Hype Dish, but for the uninitiated, this spud is rather spectacular.

Caviar Kaspia specialises in – you guessed it – superbly regal roe, but its dressing of fish eggs over a humble baked potato is making the most headlines down at it DIFC branch.
Head chef Sundeep Taucoory says the plate has become an instant hit having been imported from Caviar Kaspia Paris.

He said: “It’s the favourite dish of the fashion and creative crowd and is a must-try during a visit to Caviar Kaspia. Every week we see over 300 orders of the baked potato, it’s a firm favourite on the menu – everyone wants to try a bite.”

Just be prepared for one of the more spenny spuds you’ll ever consume, with prices ranging from Dhs380 up to Dhs2,610, depending on your choice of caviar. Fancy.
Open Sat-Thu noon-1am, Fri noon-2am. DIFC (04 243 5633).

The ingredients

“We use only the finest ingredients. With such a simple dish, the quality of ingredients is key to making the dish work. We use samba potatoes and only the finest caviar, which is sourced from Azerbaijan to Russia.”

The flavour

“It’s the simplicity that makes this dish so inciting. Taking a simple ingredient like a baked potato and combining it with the finest caviar, is unexpected and it’s what makes the dish standout. The flavour is smooth and salty – overall, the dish delivers the perfect combination of textures and tastes.”

The idea

“The deliciously simple dish was invented by Arcady Fixon, a Russian immigrant who opened Caviar Kaspia Paris in 1927. Arcady wanted to bring a touch of Russian soul to the French capital, elevating the humble baked potato and bringing a taste of his home to the stylish streets of Paris.”

The plating up

“This decadent dish is served with crème fraiche and chives, letting the caviar and potato take centre stage.