‘I love it’: Elon Musk’s Indian groom photo goes viral, Twitter boss reacts to Midjourney pic


Elon Musk is never out of the news, and looks like he enjoys the limelight too. Recently, a picture of Musk wearing an ivory-coloured sherwani, a traditional Indian outfit typically worn by the groom, went viral on the internet.

The image caught the billionaire’s attention, and the Twitter boss didn’t seem to mind the AI-generated depiction. The picture created using Midjourney showcased Musk embracing the grandeur of a desi celebration.

The photo also showcased him dancing with wedding guests and striking a regal pose. One can also see traditional henna paintings on his hands. Soon after the picture went viral on social media, Musk himself noticed it and shared his reaction. Musk wrote, “I Love It” followed by Indian flag emoticons.

Indian users were happy to see his appreciation for the AI-generated depiction of himself in traditional attire. “Looks good on you,” a fan commented. Another user wrote, “I think Elon should switch his career to lifestyle influencer.”

Meanwhile, Musk has yet again claimed his position as the world’s richest person after beating the CEO of the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton Bernard Arnault, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of Thursday, Musk’s net worth was about $192 billion, with Arnault’s $187 billion.

Tesla chief Musk is back on top of the list of wealthiest persons after shares of Arnault’s firm fell over 2 per cent in the latest trade.

The rise in Musk’s wealth can also be partly attributed to the latest surge in Tesla stock prices. They rose about 89 per cent so far in 2023, data showed.

Musk and Arnault have been neck-and-neck on the list of the richest people.

In December 2022, Bernard Arnault reportedly overtook the Tesla head when he was in the second spot for more than two months. Musk reclaimed again in late February.

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