Look: Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai brave hour-long queues before mega event ends


With less than 10 days to go for the world’s greatest show to end, Expo 2020 Dubai visitors are prepared to do all it takes to experience its wonders. They don’t seem to mind the waiting times that could go up to four hours; or the afternoon heat; or the evening chills.

As the Expo 2020’s social media team keeps reminding people: “It’s now or never before it’s gone forever.”

Here, for instance, people queuing up to get into one of the most popular pavilions — Campus Germany — have a wait time of over two hours.

Here’s the line to enter the pavilion:

The Japan Pavilion had to be closed as it was fully booked. A pavilion staff member here is seen urging visitors to book their slots via the smart booking system on the Expo 2020 app.

The event has clocked over 20 million visitors as on March 19, and that number is swelling up fast. Weekdays see a sea of visitors, while weekends are packed.

Domestic visitors have turned out in force to support Expo 2020 Dubai, with almost 70 per cent of guests hailing from the UAE. Latest figures show that children under the age of 18 have visited more than 2.8 million times:


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