Minnie Mouse is getting her first pantsuit… Here’s why you should too


Minnie Mouse is getting her first pantsuit courtesy Stella McCartney, the pantsuit swaps out the typical red and white palette Minnie Mouse has always been known for in exchange for a dark blue and black ensemble. But the one thing that hasn’t changed — polka dots and bows. Yes, the pantsuit has evolved and how. Are we feeling inspired by this latest addition to Minnie Mouse’s wardrobe? Are pantsuits having a moment? It seems so. Also, you don’t need a corporate office to wear it to. We learn more about the pantsuits for the females, and these happen to be structured, figure-flattering and youthful. British designer Stella McCartney is giving her a more progressive and modern look in 2022. “I wanted Minnie to wear her very first pantsuit at Disneyland Paris, so I have designed one of my iconic costumes — a blue tuxedo — using responsibly sourced fabrics,” McCartney said in an official release.

What’s so flattering about the pantsuits?

“The pantsuit is a symbol of style and elegance and can be versatile and comfortable,” says Francesca Zedda, Head of Creative Styling, Marks & Spencer. Heidi Shara, Founder, Wear That, shares how whether going to work, meeting friends for lunch or attending a formal evening event, a woman can, as they say, “take on the world in a good suit”. Wear That is a digital platform that creates personalised looks for women to try before they buy at home, with a stylist. She adds, “Given the various cuts, styles, colours and fits available today, this pant and blazer duo are made to suit all ages, shapes and sizes #punintended and can be worn for almost any occasion, depending on how it is styled.”

What are the few trends that will take over our wardrobes in the coming months?

• 70’s inspired pleated front wide-leg trousers: Pairing blazers with wide-leg trousers have been big news this season channelling the comfort-first trend for workwear fashion. “We expect to see smart trousers pivot into everyday wearability, a flattering wide-leg cut, and pleats help to add extra movement. The versatility of these trousers translates into endless styling opportunities, with a variety of colours and styles making them the perfect wardrobe staple for 2022,” says Francesca.

• 50 shades of bold: Out with the old, in with the bold, suggest the fashion gurus. “With the end of the pandemic in sight, people are feeling liberated and they are going to express this newfound freedom in the way they dress,” says Heidi. She adds that in the coming days one is likely to see pops of colours everywhere, from the most casual of clothing, to work attire and formal outings, “From highlighter yellow to bright pink checkers, from vivid hues of blue to metallic fabrics, runways and the streets will shine brighter.” Suggests Francesca, “You’ll see a rainbow of vibrant shades pepping up wardrobes. From business meetings to evenings out — bold pantsuits can get you through any occasion without comprising comfort. Don’t shy away from a bright shade for a statement-making look.”

• Faux leather blazer: A trend that has been seen across several seasons; the full leather look. “Leather pantsuits are the new statement in luxury style and make for a fiery ensemble, guaranteed to turn heads,” suggests Francesca. And yes, add some extra attitude to your powerful look with a faux leather blazer, featuring a croc-effect texture. There are myriad ways to style leather blazers; it can be the most versatile piece in your formal wardrobe, there are also toned-down ways to make it work too.

Comfort meets style

Irrespective of what you pick, remember to prioritise comfort over everything else, “With so many different cuts of jackets and trouser fits, including some with a drawstring waist design and added stretch, comfort is always one of our priorities,” shares Francesca. Lemonade Fashion recently announced the launch of an exclusive collection in collaboration with Dubai-based content creator Narin Amara. Interestingly, the collection features a mix of chic blazers and trouser statement pieces. Lemonade Fashion offers a shopping experience with a choice of curated and customised outfits and accessories tailored to people’s body shapes, values, and aspirations whilst safeguarding the environment. “When I was coming up with the concept for the collection, I wanted the look and feel to express my personality and individual taste and each piece has been designed for a different moment in time, providing a different feeling for its wearer,” explained Narin. Givenchy’s latest range explores heritage whilst also looking toward the future. “I believe fashion is relevant when it reflects what it means to live today; there’s a constant tension between everyday reality and the precision, elegance and extravagance of the couture tradition,” remarked Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director of Givenchy.

And can one accessorise a pantsuit?

Of course, accessories are always very important to support the look. Francesca feels that pantsuit is also a very elegant solution for any type of occasion and combined with jewellery and accessories will make any woman look sleek and stylish.

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