Netflix looks to hire flight attendant, offers salary of up to Dh1.4 million


Streaming giant Netflix is on the hunt for a new flight attendant to join its “dream crew” – and it is willing to pay up to $385,000 (roughly Dh1.4 million) for the right candidate.

The role requires the candidate to work as the primary flight attendant on one of the company’s super midsize private jets operating out of San Jose, California – near its headquarters in Los Gatos.

In the description, Netflix emphasises that the ideal candidate will be professionally trained in cabin and passenger safety, and aircraft emergency evacuation. They will also be required to operate with discretion, embracing the company’s culture of ‘Freedom and Responsibility’ that requires employees to exercise independent judgement and outstanding customer service skills.

The new attendant will also be responsible for maintaining the stockroom, according to the job listing. They will need to be flexible, able to work a varied work schedule including domestic and international travel – often requiring weekend and holiday work days and extended travel periods.

Finally, the candidate will need to be able to lift and carry up to 30lbs (roughly 13.5kg) at a time while loading and stocking the aircraft – they will also need to be capable of long periods of standing and able to help with baggage loading as necessary.


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