New shipping, rail corridor linking UAE to India, Saudi Arabia and US announced


A shipping and rail corridor linking India to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and onwards to Europe and the US has been announced by leaders at the G20.

The major announcement was made on Saturday at the G20 summit in Delhi.

Jon Finer, US Deputy National Security Advisor told the media that the “corridor would boost economic prosperity among the participating countries by enhancing the transportation of energy resources and digital communications”.

The plans for a sweeping, multi-national ports and rail deal would come at a critical time. Biden is pitching Washington as a partner for and investor in developing countries at the G20, especially in the Indo-Pacific region.

It also comes as the Biden administration seeks a broader diplomatic deal in the Middle East that would have Saudi Arabia recognize Israel. The negotiations over a multi-country infrastructure deal were first reported by Axios.

Beyond the diplomatic implications, officials said they hope such an infrastructure deal could reduce shipping times, cost, the use of diesel and make trade faster and cheaper.

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