‘Nice to see female protagonists leading the way’: Angad Bedi on ‘Ghoomer’


After being a part of R Balki’s segment in Netflix’s Lust Stories 2, actor Angad Bedi was found collaborating with the renowned director once again. Their latest outing together is a sports drama Ghoomer, led by Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher.

In the film, Angad plays Jeet, the childhood sweetheart of the protagonist Anina, played by Saiyami. While the film revolves around Anina’s dream of playing for the Indian women’s cricket team, Jeet stands by her side through thick and thin, providing all the support she needs.

We caught up with Angad (son of Bishan Singh Bedi, the former ace Indian cricketer, who is also featured in the film), over Zoom to discuss Ghoomer and his most important takeaway from the film. Excerpts from the interview: (Answers and have been edited for brevity and clarity.)

Tell us more about the character you play in ‘Ghoomer,’ especially in relation to the protagonist’s journey?

In Ghoomer, I portray the character Jeet; he’s the childhood sweetheart of the protagonist, Anina, played by Saiyami Kher. The film revolves around Anina’s dream of playing for the Indian women’s cricket team. However, her dreams are shattered when she loses her arm in a tragic incident. My character, Jeet, stands by her side throughout her journey, providing unwavering support. He believes in her strength and success, and their relationship blossoms into a unique and selfless romance.

You’ve previously worked with the director R. Balki in “Lust Stories 2.” How was the experience of working with him on a full-feature film like “Ghoomer”?

Working with him has been enriching and fulfilling. He’s a storyteller who knows how to connect with the audience while delivering exceptional performances from actors. His unique storytelling style, blending humour and emotion, is evident in “Ghoomer” as well. He has a knack for bringing out different shades of characters, creating an entertaining and refreshing viewing experience.

It seems your character in “Ghoomer” reflects a selfless and supportive partner. Can you elaborate on your perspective of playing such a role?

Absolutely. It is so nice to see female protagonists leading the way and the hero being in agreement. And that’s why I guess the balance of both looks really beautiful on cinema, especially for an audience like myself. In Ghoomer, Jeet is a character who genuinely believes in Anina’s potential and success. He’s not overshadowing her but supports her in achieving her dreams. This kind of portrayal reflects the changing dynamics in relationships and resonates with the audience.

“Ghoomer” has received positive reception in cinemas. Did you anticipate this success before the film’s release?

Yes, I did. The film has a compelling story that resonates with various aspects of life, including determination, resilience, and self-belief. Additionally, the return of audiences to theatres has contributed to the film’s success. Cinema is an experience that people cherish, and Ghoomer has captured that sentiment, resulting in its positive run at the box office.

The film carries a powerful message of self-belief and resilience. How did you perceive this message while working on the project?

The message of self-belief and resilience is universal and applicable to various aspects of life, not just sports. I come from a background of sports, and I understand the values it instils, such as teamwork, humility, and perseverance. Ghoomer beautifully portrays these qualities through Anina’s journey, sending a message that resonates with everyone who faces challenges and setbacks in their pursuits.

Can you share a memorable or funny experience from the sets of “Ghoomer”?

Working on Ghoomer was a joyous experience, full of memorable moments. What stood out was the camaraderie among the cast, especially with Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami. We shared meals together, engaged in conversations, and created a bond that translated on screen. The best part of Abhishek being on a film set is that your tummies will always be full, and his vibrant energy and genuine warmth makes the set a lively place.

The film draws inspiration from an Olympic athlete’s story. How did this real-life connection influence the film’s narrative?

The film’s connection to a real-life Olympic athlete adds authenticity to the story. The athlete’s resilience and determination parallel Anina’s journey in the film which is more about human resilience, love, and a teacher-student relationship. It brings a relatable and relishing quality to the narrative, connecting with the audience on a personal level. The blend of sports and human emotions makes Ghoomer not just about cricket or any sport but about life’s challenges and triumphs.