Pakistan: Imran Khan leaves court after 11 hours, says he was ‘kidnapped’


Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan left the Islamabad High Court more than three hours after he was granted bail.

The court ordered Imran Khan’s release on bail for two weeks, after his arrest in a land fraud case ignited deadly protests across the country. The court also ruled that Khan could not be arrested before Monday in any other case registered against him.

Khan departed the court premises, headed towards his hometown Lahore, amidst high security. He had remained inside for hours after being granted bail, saying he was not being allowed to leave by security officials.

Imran Khan was released after he issued a video statement against his ‘illegal detention’, alleging that he had been kidnapped by the authorities despite the court’s bail orders. “They are not allowing me to leave the court even after the court granted me bail and told me that I’m a free man. They are making excuses again and again,” he said, urging all the countrymen to come out against the authorities’ action.


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However, around 30 minutes after the video, he was released from the court. In another video message after his release, Khan said he was travelling back to his hometown of Lahore. He also thanked his supporters for coming out for him.