Popular restaurateur Czn Burak sues father for fraud, exploitation of name


Popular restaurateur, Burak Ozdemir has reportedly sued his father for fraud and exploitation.

According to local media outlets, the chef is having a fallout with his father. This came to light after the tragic earthquakes took place in Turkey and the chef attempted to help out.

He began facing issues while helping the victims and realised that his father had sold the rights to his name to others, allowing them to open chains of his restaurant that did not belong to him.

In a post made on Instagram, he even clarified that he has no branches in Istanbul as of now, saying, “Please don’t believe any fake restaurant in Istanbul”.

His post on Instagram also said that the restaurant only has branches in Dubai, Qatar and Tajikistan.

Ozdemir reportedly started selling his luxury cars to be able to finance his new restaurant and to be able to pay for the lawsuit against his father. The court hearing date is set in September, which is the month that his first restaurant in Istanbul will open.


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