Ramadan in UAE: Dh500 fine for parking randomly during Taraweeh prayers


The Abu Dhabi Police have called on motorists to avoid parking randomly during Taraweeh or other prayers. The authority urged drivers to follow traffic rules during the holy month of Ramadan and abide by the parking law.

The authority has issued a fresh advisory, warning drivers against the dangers of not parking in the designated area. Under the Federal Traffic Law in Article 62, failing to abide by the traffic rule is punishable by a fine of Dh500.

Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Media, has launched season three of the daily Ramadan TV show ‘Our month of obedience and commitment’. The program aims to spread awareness among the public during the holy month of Ramadan and to encourage positive practices that would enhance security and safety in the emirates.

“Random parking near mosques during Taraweeh and other prayers is an uncivilised behaviour,” Abu Dhabi police said in one of the daily telecasts.

Drivers are urged to avoid committing violations by parking their vehicles irresponsibly, which would obstruct traffic flow at the mosques’ entrance and exit.


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