Remembering Satish Kaushik: Bollywood actor once offered to marry pregnant Neena Gupta, pass Masaba off as his own


Veteran Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik passed away yesterday. The 88-year-old actor was known for his work spanning across films.

Neena Gupta, a fellow actor, had revealed in her autobiography that Kaushik had offered to marry her and pass of Masaba as his own.

The late actor later clarified in an interview that he had offered to do so in friendship as Gupta was afraid of receiving backlash on being a single mother.

Kaushik had reportedly said that he was there for her and that if Gupta’s daughter was born with darker skin, he would say it was his child.

He said that his offer to marry her was a ‘mix of humour, concern, respect, and support’. The actor also said that he believed this was what friends were for.

Neena Gupta refused the offer, however, it is said that after the incident their bond as friends grew stronger.


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