SRK was ‘comforting presence’ after husband Dilip Kumar’s death: Saira Banu


In the year of Shah Rukh Khan’s undeniable cinematic triumph with blockbusters like Jawan and Pathaan, veteran actor Saira Banu has taken to social media to express her heartfelt admiration for the Bollywood megastar. Saira Banu’s heartfelt post not only celebrates SRK’s talent but also highlights the bond they share, with a poignant recollection of how he provided comfort and support after the passing of her legendary husband, Dilip Kumar.

Saira Banu noted that the first time she saw Shah Rukh Khan, she was struck by his resemblance to her late husband, Dilip Kumar. She remarked, “I immediately remarked that he seemed shy and reticent to come forward….and I noticed that he looked so much like my Shahenshah Dilip Sahib….I said if my son had been there, he would have been just like him.”

One touching memory that Saira shared was a chance encounter with SRK, during which he sought her blessings by humbly bowing before her. Saira affectionately ran her fingers through SRK’s hair, a gesture that reminded her of Dilip Kumar. This touching interaction became a cherished ritual whenever they met.

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Saira further highlighted Shah Rukh Khan’s graciousness and willingness to support her endeavours. Despite his busy schedule, SRK readily agreed to do an interview for her company. “Shah Rukh Khan is a remarkable actor and also an incredibly sweet, well-mannered, and considerate individual,” she remarked.

Saira also recounted how Shah Rukh Khan provided comfort during the difficult period following Dilip Kumar’s passing in July 2021. “On the 7th of July, when Dilip Sahib slipped into a deep slumber, unresponsive to my voice, leaving me burdened with the ache of his absence, Shah Rukh emerged as a beacon of solace,” she shared.

Saira’s post also shed light on the deep admiration and respect SRK holds for cinematic legends like Dilip Kumar. She recalled an instance when Shah Rukh Khan visited her home to get a poster of Mughal-e-Azam signed by Dilip Kumar, emphasising his profound reverence for the luminaries who preceded him in the industry.


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