Two passengers de-planed after refusing to sit in vomit-covered seats


A woman took to Facebook to post a horrifying experience that some fellow passengers had on her flight.

The woman took to the social media platform to share what she witnessed, saying that she “cannot stop thinking about these two ladies”.

On the flight she took from Las Vegas to Montreal, the woman was seated behind two ladies and a gentleman who were struggling to get seated. Initially, she was unsure of what happened, however, she slowly came to realise that the seats were covered with vomit.

It seems that after the last flight, the crew attempted to clean it up. However, the seat and belt were smelling foul and were still wet. The crew had placed coffee grounds in the seat pocket and sprayed perfume in an attempt to mask the smell.

When the women – who were travelling to Vienna via Montreal – complained to cabin crew and asked them for a different seat, they were told that the flight is full and that they would have to sit in their assigned seats.

However, they went back-and-forth with the flight attendant for several minutes saying that the seat and seatbelt were wet and that there was visible vomit residue. They said that they refused to sit in the seat for five hours, after which the flight attendant brought the crew supervisor – who then reiterated the same.

Finally, the passengers asked for some blankets and wipes so they could clean up a little bit themselves and sit on the blankets. Shortly after they received the items and settled in, the pilot walked to them, kneeled down and told them very calmly that they will have two options: to leave the plane themselves or be escorted out by security and placed on a no-fly list. He even asked them why they were rude to the cabin crew.

Another passenger spoke up on their behalf and attempted to explain to the pilot that the women were just upset and were not rude to the crew. The pilot then walks to the front of the plane after which security comes to escort the women off the plane.

The lady who posted the incident online said that “they did nothing wrong “. She even said that she wasn’t sure if the ladies were placed on a no-fly list.

In a statement to CNN, the airline apologised and said that the passenger had clearly not received the standards to which they were entitled. The airline even said that they were following up the matter with the customer and conducting an internal investigation.


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