UAE: 10 tips on how to prevent car fire caused by summer heat; police issue advisory


Amidst scorching temperatures touching highs of 50°C, sweltering conditions have taken a toll on people worldwide. While UAE doctors advise people to avoid direct exposure to extreme heat, auto experts are raising awareness about the potential risks posed to vehicles during the summer months.

Authorities in the UAE pointed out that most vehicle fires are caused by drivers neglecting safety and prevention measures. As part of its awareness campaign “Safe Summer”, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police called on motorists to adhere to the necessary safety measures and pay attention to regular maintenance and preventive measures for vehicles, especially in high temperatures.

Major Dr Eng Adel Nassib Al-Saqri, Head of the Fire Department at the Criminal Evidence Department, explained that the composition of vehicles, with flammable elements like liquid fuel, oils, as well as internal components such as plastic and rubber, can create a potentially hazardous situation if not properly maintained and handled.

Residents are urged to maintain their vehicles regularly and adopt the following safe driving practices:

  • Checking engine coolant levels
  • Checking for oil leakages
  • Checking for electrical and technical faults in the car system
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Checking air conditioning systems, which becomes crucial during the scorching heat
  • Ensuring proper functioning of engine components
  • Monitoring any unusual smells, smoke, or warning signs from their vehicles
  • Avoiding overheating by not overloading the vehicle
  • Drivers should not leave flammable materials inside parked cars like hand sanitisers, perfumes and lighters
  • Not exposing electrical devices and flammable materials

Drivers are also advised to keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid box inside the car.

By taking proactive measures, adhering to safety guidelines, and investing in regular vehicle maintenance, drivers can help mitigate the risk of vehicle fires, ensuring their safety and that of other road users.


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