UAE: Driving someone’s car without their knowledge? You could be fined Dh10,000; jailed


The road infrastructure in the UAE is so good that getting a driving licence is on top of their priority lists. And as soon as they get their licence, they can’t wait to get behind the wheel and go on a drive.

But did you know that it is illegal to drive somebody’s vehicle in the UAE without their consent? The offence is punishable with a one-year jail term and a maximum fine of Dh10,000 or either of the two penalties.

The UAE Public Prosecution highlighted the offence in a social media post on Wednesday. The penalty is applicable to “whoever uses a car, motorcycle or the like without the permission or consent of its owner or the holder of right to use it”.

This is according to article 447 of Federal Decree-Law number 31 of 2021.


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