UAE: Gang arrested within 24 hours after stealing Dh460,000


Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a gang of Asian men suspected of defrauding and stealing Dh460,000 from residents.

The police on Thursday said its Criminal Security Sector of the External Area Police Directorate managed to arrest the men less than 24 hours after they defrauded the victims.

The force said the gang used fraudulent and deceptive methods to lure the victims and steal their cash.

A team of police officers at the Musaffah Police Station, with the support of the Al Misrad Department of the Special Patrols Department, applied artificial intelligence techniques to track down the suspects and recover the stolen cash despite insufficient about their identity.

Major-General Mohammed Suhail Al Rashidi, director of the Criminal Security Sector, said Abu Dhabi Police follows an integrated strategy in responding quickly to reports and dealing with them.


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He also stressed that the modernity of police stations and departments and use of new technologies have enabled officers to carry out their duties well, which contributes to achieving the vision of the Abu Dhabi Police.