UAE: iPhone pre-booking draws shoppers from India, Pakistan, Europe to Dubai


Tech lovers from abroad are travelling to Dubai to pre-book their iPhones which starts at 4pm on the official website. They want to be among the first to get their hands on the latest iPhone models, even if they have to travel a long way to do it.

Owing to lesser taxes and the availability of these phones, people from different countries have arrived in Dubai. Many enthusiasts have come from India, Pakistan, and Europe for an opportunity to get the phone at a comparatively low price.

In places like India and Pakistan, iPhones can be quite expensive because of the taxes. According to visitors from these countries, people often have to spend more than Dh1,000 for the iPhone Pro model. “That’s a lot of money! Because of this, I have come to Dubai to prebook my iPhone because it can be cheaper here,” said Abdul Badi, who has come from Hyderabad in India.

Badi is planning to buy at least three phones, for his siblings and his wife. “I hope I am able to book 3 or 4 pieces so that my other expenses like travel are balanced. Back in India, the demand is very high and it is doubtful of getting one,” said Badi.

Another iPhone enthusiast, Ibrahim, who arrived in Dubai from Karachi two days ago, said, “I have been working in the UAE for the last 12 years and I am still a resident and often visit Dubai for business or leisure. This visit to Dubai is very special as I am hoping to get the new model on the first day of the delivery.”

“Many of my friends and family members have also asked me to book them the new model,” said Ibrahim.

A European tourist arrived in Dubai last week to get his hands on the new model. “There’s a big demand for iPhones in my country and I can get them at a relatively cheaper price here.”


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