UAE: Lawyer loses licence after being convicted of assault and threatening an employee


The Lawyers Disciplinary Council of the Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi on Thursday made the decision to revoke a lawyer’s licence and expunge his name from the Roster of Lawyers. This ruling came in response to the lawyer’s actions that undermine the ethical standards, cultural norms, and responsibilities associated with the legal profession towards society.

Moreover, the lawyer had also faced allegations that led to punitive actions by the Lawyers Disciplinary Council. The lawyer had been subject to definitive criminal judgements due to instances where he had physically assaulted, verbally abused, and issued threats to an employee during his duty. The council stated that such behaviour blatantly disregards the requirement of upholding a favourable reputation, a prerequisite outlined by the legal profession’s regulations.

Explaining the decision, the Lawyers Disciplinary Council stated that having considered the subject matter complaint referred by the Lawyers Affairs Committee, the respondent’s reply and the relevant documents, it is evident that the violations included in the complaint are based on convicting the lawyer under penal rulings and disciplinary decisions.

This constitutes a violation of the lawyer’s code of conduct and professional ethics and a direct prejudice to its reputation. They said a lawyer must have a good reputation, as this is a starting and ongoing condition for registration in the Roster of Lawyers.

The Lawyers Disciplinary Council stated that Articles No. (4 & 5) of Federal Decree-Law No. (34) of 2022, concerning “Regulation of Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Profession”, affirms that the legal profession is a free profession that participates with the judiciary to achieve the mission of justice and affirm the rule of law.

Accordingly, lawyers must abide by the rules stipulated by the law. It is imperative for a lawyer’s conduct, both in a professional capacity and in personal life, to consistently align with the ethical principles, moral values, and established traditions of the legal profession.

The Council’s decision also indicated that the law regulating the legal profession stipulates that: “A registered practising lawyer must be of full capacity and good reputation, and has neither been convicted by the court nor has been disciplinarily punished for a felony/misdemeanour involving breach of honour or trust, even if his criminal record is expunged”.

Based on this and since criminal rulings affirm the violations committed by this lawyer, the Lawyers Disciplinary Council decided to cancel his license and remove his name from the Roster of Lawyers.


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