UAE: Man referred to psychiatric hospital after stabbing, killing relative in front of others


A man has been referred to a psychiatric hospital after killing his relative in front of several others.

According to files from the Ajman Criminal Court, the 26-year-old Asian, identified as RAM, stabbed his relative in front of several witnesses in a room they shared.

One witness said the incident happened after Friday prayers, when he and another witness were in the room with the accused and the victim. He and the victim were cutting chicken, and the perpetrator was cutting vegetables to prepare lunch when a fourth person entered the room to ask them for help moving some items from the apartment into a car. The victim then asked the accused to go help the friend while he stayed to prepare lunch. The accused did so and stood by the room’s door on his return.

He then attacked the victim with a vegetable knife. He grabbed the victim from behind, strangling him with his left hand while stabbing the victim in the chest with his right.

A specialised medical committee substantiated the accused’s mental illness to the Court and recommended he be admitted to a psychiatric facility for treatment.


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