UAE: New radar to monitor pedestrian crossing violations from April 3


The Umm Al Quwain Police has announced that new solar-powered, automatically controlled radars to monitor and catch motorists who do not stop at pedestrian crossings will be activated from Monday, April 3.

Police say the radars have been activated to reduce the number of run-over accidents and subsequent losses of life and property caused by some motorists who fail to stop at pedestrian crossings.

The move follows several campaigns organised by the Ministry of Interior on road safety. The authority has urged motorists to adhere to traffic rules and give way to pedestrians while passing through zebra crossings.

As per traffic regulations, motorists will be fined Dh500 and awarded six black points for not giving way to pedestrians

Roads in Abu Dhabi have already been installed with radars powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) some time back to monitor and catch motorists who do not stop at pedestrian crossings.


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