UAE: School authority issues clarification after video with ‘negative context’ goes viral


The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) has issued a public clarification after a video published with a “negative context” went viral. According to the establishment, the said video was filmed during a UAE National Day celebration in a public school.

A parent took the video showing the flag of a foreign country and published it.

The establishment, which operates public schools in the UAE, said the celebrations in the school saw a large number of flags displayed. The aim was to get messages of congratulations for the UAE from all countries and in various languages.

“An investigation is underway in this matter. The ESE confirms that all public schools celebrate the National Day with a high sense of responsibility and national awareness,” the statement said.

The school regulator added that taking and publishing children’s photos and videos without permission from their guardians is not allowed as per prevailing laws in the country.


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