UAE travel: Residents head to Salalah, demand soars for flights, accommodations in Khareef season


Salalah, a beautiful and lush green city, has seen a rise in reservations from visitors from the UAE and is now a popular vacation spot for residents. The city’s natural green environment, enticing Khareef season, and rich cultural events have attracted tourists worldwide. According to industry insiders, there are a lot of reservations and queries for Salalah during Khareef.

“Currently we are receiving heavy bookings for Salalah during the Khareef season. The package price is always high from June to September and as of now, it is at its peak. The starting price for a 4-night and 4-day package is priced at Dh1,399 by bus,” Ranju Abraham, sales manager, Tours on Board.

“The starting price of a 3-nights 4-days package to Salalah by flight is priced at Dh1,800 including accommodation, visa, breakfast and flights,” added Abraham.

Over the past few weeks, Salalah has witnessed a staggering influx of visitors from the UAE. Khareef season has gained immense popularity among the residents who are eager to escape the sweltering temperatures and immerse themselves in the natural splendour of Salalah.

Experts say that the increased demand has led to high airfare and the accommodation industry has also seen a spike in demand, causing prices for hotels and resorts to soar during peak seasons like the Khareef.

Many online travel agencies have tailored packages to the specific needs of the residents. In the first week of August, a 3-nights 4-days package on Air Arabia is priced at Dh4,408 for one person, inclusive of 5-star accommodation. Similarly, on a package to Salalah is listed at Dh2,199 with a return flight to Fujairah.

Considering the airfare in the first week of August, Wizz Air, operating from Abu Dhabi, has the cheapest flight and is priced at Dh537. On Air Arabia, a ticket is priced at Dh960, and with Emirates Airlines, a ticket is priced at Dh1,230 in the first week of August.

According to industry experts, the cost of lodging in Salalah rises by around 300 per cent during the Khareef season as tourists from all over the world fly down to experience the magnificent beauty of the region.

The price of a three-star accommodation in the first week of August for one night starts at Dh613 and a 5-star starts at Dh1,142 going up to Dh4,000 per night.

Khareef is an Arabic term used to describe the monsoon season from June to early September. During these months, the dried-out terrain of Dhofar Governorate comes to life – turning its valleys and mountains into a vibrant green landscape. Springs and waterfalls begin flowing into the mountains during this period of time as rains shower the region.


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