UAE weather: Temperatures to drop to 12ºC


The day will be partly cloudy in general , the National Centre of Meteorology has said.

Convective clouds will appear Eastward, which may be associated with light rainfall.

It will be humid by night and Wednesday morning with a probability of fog or mist formation over some coastal and internal areas especially Westward. Light to moderate winds will blow.

Temperatures in the country could be as high as 31ºC. Mercury is set to rise to 29ºC in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai.

However, temperatures could be as low as 21ºC in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai and 12ºC in mountainous regions.

Humidity levels will range from 35 to 80 per cent in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Conditions at sea will be slight in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman sea.