Valentine’s Day in UAE: How Dubai’s Metro stations are celebrating ‘week of love’


A UAE-based company has collaborated with the Dubai Metro to bring back the power of love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating the “Week of Love”, that started on 7 February and runs up until 14 February, is running kiosks through the Valentine’s Week at Burjuman, the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Internet City, and Business Bay metro stations.

The company, which is a retailer of flowers, cakes, chocolates and gifts, celebrated Rose Day on February 7, Propose Day on February 8, Chocolate Day on February 9, Teddy Day on February 10. Promise Day follows on February 11, Embrace Day is on February 12, Kiss Day is celebrated on February 13 and finally, Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Vijay Ghadge, Vice President, FNP UAE says, “We wanted to work with Dubai Metro because we wanted to reach a wider audience. We want to be a brand which is approachable, and we want people to interact with the brand. So, we have created beautiful and unmissable photo booths or artefacts and we installed them at the four metro stations so that people can take pictures and maybe tag us. We want people to interact with our brand especially, around the theme of the ‘Week of Love’.”

Understanding the economics behind emotions

Ghadge explains there is a QR code which is on display at these booths. When commuters scan the QR code, they can avail a voucher worth Dh100 that they can use on FNP’s website.

“The ‘kind’ of footfall and the ‘number’ of footfalls were the criteria that we had in mind (in choosing metro stations). With Internet city, Business Bay and MOE stations, we were confident that online shoppers would be a part of the crowd there. Then Burjuman was selected because it’s an interchange station,” he added.

The company, that is doing this promotion for the first time, also distributed free roses to the commuters on the occasion of the Rose Day.

He says, “This included 20,000 free roses that were given to passengers. The reaction and feedback were awesome. In the Burjuman and MOE metro stations, we have put life size teddy bears made of 7,000 roses. These installations are still on display. People have been clicking selfies… right from kids to newly married couples, to mid-age couples, everyone has admired this piece of art. It is also adding to the beauty of the metro stations,” he adds.

Elucidating on the business and the procurement of roses, Ghadge says that roses often travel thousands of miles before they appear in the outstretched hands of one’s beloved.

“With respect to Valentine’s Day and the supply-chain issues, we see the UAE market has become more mature as compared to earlier times. The supply of red roses usually becomes an issue during such occasions. But the industry is now able to handle those numbers in terms of the demand. All of it is imported. So, we planned our way in advance. By the end of November, we started placing our orders. The quality of flowers this year is better, and the quantities have been managed more efficiently this year.”

Meanwhile, he also sheds light on how the Dubai government’s various departments constantly seek to enhance the supportive framework needed to enhance growth.

“I think it’s heartening to see the government being so supportive. We do community engagement initiatives; we are suppliers for some government departments, and we are buyers of services from some departments. Wherever we have interacted with the government our experience has been very smooth and pleasant. We are very happy with the way the government supports businesses in this country,” highlights the Indian expat.


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