Viral video: Drunk driver arrested after calling 911 on himself


A suspected drunk motorist was driving on a Nebraska highway when he dialled 911 after seeing another driver who he thought was on the wrong lane.

It turned out he was the one driving in the opposite direction.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office of Nebraska shared the incident on Facebook, complete with a video.

In the clip, the man could be heard saying where he was exactly, telling the cops that “there is somebody that is on the wrong side of the road”. He even said the motorist nearly “ran him off the road”.

He later realised, however, that he was the one driving the wrong way — accidentally calling the cops on himself, which led to his arrest.

Here’s the video:

Officers were able to track down the 911 caller and confirmed that he was drunk. In fact, the alcohol content in his blood was found to be more than twice the limit, according to a CNN report.


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