Watch: Alligator moves towards children in Texas lake as family ignores warning signs; little ones pulled to safety in time


A chilling video has been shared on the Internet that shows a massive alligator swimming towards a group of children in a lake in Texas, US. No one was injured as the children were pulled to safety in the nick of time.

The video, recorded using a mobile phone, captures a huge alligator stealthily moving towards children playing in Raven Lake in the Huntsville State Park. As soon as the creature is spotted, parents rush into the lake to rescue the children as others scream. One child is also seen jumping from the dock in the water to reach the shore as the alligator gets closer.


A media outlet reported that the alligator was nearly 14-foot-long and appeared to charge towards the kids. No one was injured and all the children were rescued.

“The gator was definitely aiming for her. It was like a movie scene, but real,” David Siljeg, who filmed the incident, told another local media outlet.

According to Noel Garcia, who rushed to the children’s rescue, the alligator was “definitely sneaking”. He said the predator got tangled in a rope which gave him some time to save the children.

“It wasn’t the best feeling. Luckily, the rope was there to distract him,” said Garcia.

The family seemed to have ignored the several signs put near the lake that warn about alligators, the report added.

In July this year, a video showed two sea lions charging at beachgoers in California causing them to run in panic. The incident took place at La Jolla Cove in San Diego. In the clip, a sea lion makes its way to the beach and moves towards a group of visitors. Later, a second sea lion emerges from the water and aggressively runs towards the people, who pack their belongings and flee.

A lifeguard can be heard saying in the video asking visitors to “give that large, male lion plenty of room”.

“They have bitten people, and they are protected animals,” he warns.


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