Watch: Family gets a sweet surprise as YouTuber MrBeast renovates house


YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is known for wowing his fans with his extreme stunts, philanthropy, and acts of kindness. This time, he offered to renovate a stranger’s house free of cost. MrBeast shared a video showing how the house was transformed; it also captured the homeowner’s priceless reaction to the surprise act.

The video, titled ‘Extreme Home Makeover!’, opens to show MrBeast going to the lucky stranger’s house and asking, “Can I pay you money to let me renovate your house?” Hearing this, the homeowner, Gretchen, instantly says “Yes” and welcomes MrBeast inside her house.

MrBeast then announces to everyone that he is going to upgrade every part of the house. Following this, the work begins and the video shows the property getting a complete makeover. From the walls and floors to the furniture, everything gets revamped.

At the end of the video, Gretchen and her family arrive at their renovated house covering their eyes to get the heart-warming surprise. All of them are left in disbelief as soon as they see the bright walls, new flooring, and shiny kitchen.

“This is not what I was expecting,” one of Gretchen’s children is heard saying. “It is just like we stepped into a different house,” another adds.

The video also shows Gretchen getting teary eyed as she shares a group hug with her children. “You deserve it, mom,” her children are heard saying.

The designer, Emily Rayna, who worked on the house, detailed in a video on Instagram what went behind the transformation. Rayna shared that the design wasn’t revealed to the owners until the work was finished.

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The video has collected close to 8 million views on YouTube and won the hearts of many. “This man isn’t changing lives, he’s changing the world,” a user commented. Another said, “Bro is helping anyone with anything regardless of the price. Man in a trillion”.


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