Missing Expo 2020 magic? Here’s the first look of Expo City Dubai as it opens to public


Five months after the curtains came down on the ‘world’s greatest show’, Expo 2020 has come alive again with the country’s first fifteen-minute city, Expo City, being inaugurated today (September 1).

During its six-month run from October 2021 to March 2022, Expo 2020 attracted millions of visitors from around the world, leaving them with everlasting memories.

Now you can relive your Expo 2020 Dubai moments.

Entry to Expo City from the three entry points – Sustainability, Mobility, and the Dubai Exhibition Centre is free. There are buggies at the entry points to ferry visitors to their preferred pavilion or attractions.

However, visitors will need to buy tickets to gain access to the attractions, which can be booked online or brought on-site. Terra- Sustainability Pavilion and Alif- Mobility pavilion are open to visitors with an entry price of Dh50. Entry to the Garden in the Sky will cost Dh30.

Visitors can also spend time at the heart of the Expo City- The majestic Al Wasl Dome listening to birds chirping, or visit the gigantic Forsan and Jubilee parks and the site of the water feature for free.

Expo fans can also relive their Expo moments by hopping on the Expo Explorer. Other options are walking, or buggy rides and e-bikes for an additional cost.

The restaurants and eateries are not yet open at the site. However, in the coming days, many of the popular restaurants are scheduled to open, turning the venue into a place to eat and dine.

The pathways and public realm at the site are also being renovated so the visitors can make the most of their fitness goals.


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